I’ve been re-blogging other people’s work for a year on likesart.tumblr.com

Before I signed up for Tumblr I used to download whole galleries of images from artists whose work I liked - obviously a time consuming affair.

Finding Tumblr was cathartic: what if I collected just one or two pieces from each artist? So likesart became my own private art gallery, where everything was 100% awesome (by my own standards of course). No chaff, all wheat.

Today I follow 100 people (creators, and also those who reblog), and 28 people follow me… and it’s taking longer and longer to go through the feed for each day. It has slowly dawned on me that the satisfaction of finding and re-blogging each image is a substitute for the buzz I get when I create an image. It’s a poor substitute too. Making art, no matter how shitty or trivial, can light you up for days. I haven’t been making as much art as I should.

So this is my last post here, a bookend. I’ll be making art over at finnegandraws.tumblr.com instead. It’s been cool.

Slán agus go n-éirí an t-ádh libh!